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Catholic Children’s Book: A Great Start for a Better Life


Parents, teachers, doctors, librarians and educators all agree one thing, letting a child read books regularly increases their chances of being smarter and prepared for school and its daily challenges.

Not only does it provide better information, it also offers countless hours of entertainment and unlike the television, you can totally censor and choose which books would be best for them and which ones they should not read.

You would not either be having a hard time searching for a good book for your child; there are a lot of children’s books which you can choose from. So many new books are out today simply because so many children love reading and collecting books.

Reading to your child may begin as early as their first few months. Many pediatricians have encouraged parents about nightly readings to their children, even if what you say can not be understood. This will encourage a love for reading by your kids and when they grow older, they will continue doing it on their own.

In choosing children’s book for your children, make sure that it interests them. Do assume that they will enjoy everything you will give them. If possible encourage them to read the book you wanted them to learn. For example, if you wanted them to grow as better Catholics, encourage them to read books about God. There are several soft books intended for babies, board books for toddlers, books for early readers, delightful choices of scriptures and other inspiring books for children of different ages.

As a Catholic, it is just ideal to let your kids learn to love their religion even at an early age. This is important so that when they grow older the value you have taught them will still be valued and cherished. And reading to them some Catholic children’s books will assist them to make it a habit.

You may begin encouraging your children using any of the following examples of Catholic Children’s book:

• Get Us Out of Here

This is a should-never-be-missed Catholic book. This is a very interesting book suitable for both children and adults. It is actually a book that teaches about life. Most children love to speak about things they do not really know. Through this book, you can easily answer the simple questions of your children about God and Catholicism.

• True Devotion of Mary

This is absolutely the best Catholic book ever written about Mary. This classic book explains the way to Jesus through the help of Mary. It summarizes the whole Christian life and it gives an answer to both sanctity and salvation. Also written in this book is the way Jesus loves Mary and vice versa. Let your kids get inspired of loving through this book.

• Life of Mary as Seen by the Mystics

This is a combination of the 4 big mystics of Catholic about Mary’s life. This is book is adapted on the story of Mary of Agreda, Sweden’s St. Bridget, Schoenau’s St. Elizabeth and Anne Catherine.

A Catholic children’s book can be chosen by both the parents and child the together, you do not have to worry about him choosing the wrong kind because there is no wrong children’s book in Catholic. Everything will be appropriate for your child.

A Catholic children’s book is a better way to begin your child’s vocabulary. It is also a best way for your child to start a better life in Catholicism.

Christine Gray is a recognized authority on the subject of parenting. Her website Parenting Exposed provides a wealth of informative articles and resources on everything you will need to know about children books. All rights reserved. Articles may be reprinted as long as the content and links remains intact and unchanged.


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