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Need Children’s Costumes? Check Out your Closet


All children loves costumes. Wearing one always gives them the thrill. Children can be anything or anyone they want to be in a costume.

Kids being kids they want to be like those that they see on tv or in magazines. For example, if there is a famous super hero like spiderman, children will be asking their parents for the costume that the super hero is wearing. It is their way of showing that they want to be just like the person with that costume they sport.

Another use of children’s costumes is during plays. When children participate in school activities, they are required to wear costumes when they are acting on stage or in any play that their school is holding.

There are no other times when you will get to see a several children’s costume being sold and purchased than during the Halloween season. This is the ideal time for kids to have that costume they long wanted. This is the time when they can act and pretend to be any person they want to be, a character or someone that they always dreamed they could be.

Some of the most famous children’s costume, whether worn at home, in school plays, or during Halloween when playing, are shown below. The great thing about these children’s costumes is that you can create them yourself.

Children’s costume 1: The princess.

Every little girl’s fantasy is to be a princess. By being a princess, you wear a pretty dress with some jewelry and a crown. As a bonus, she will probably have a prince charming lingering somewhere nearby.

There are lots of affordable gowns for children you can purchase from stores. If you do not have the budget, look for some of your old gowns that is made of silk and complete with hems and ruffles. Then you may let her use some of your jewelries and make up and have a crown designed using a gold paper.

Children’s costume 2: The angel.

Children are taught about angels with wings from their earliest stage. They are also shown photos and told about all the great things that angels can do. This is why kids have always loved angel costumes.

Getting an angel costume is easier than you think. Many children stores are offering these types of costumes complete with a halo. In fact, you can make the costume yourself. All you will ever need is a white sheet for the dress and a small soft wire to make the halo. Your kids will have a kick when they see what you have made for them.

Children’s costume 3: The clown.

For kids who like to make others laugh, they prefer wearing clown costumes. Being a clown means that you can do anything from the wacky to the silly. For all these, you won't get reprimanded or blamed because you are a clown.

For a children’s clown costumes, all you need are some oversized clothes and a lot of make up. You can also make use of wigs if you have one or make one from straw or some string.

Children’s costume 4: The toy soldier.

If girls are princesses, then boys are soldiers. Soldiers are considered tough and strong that is why little boys want to be like them.

Soldier costumes for kids mostly comprise of a camouflage pants and T-shirt.

The next time you are considerg a good costume for your children, you need not look very far. Maybe there are things in your closet you can dig up and make into your children’s costumes.

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