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Children’s Music - Top 4 of All Times


Music is a powerful force. It creates and stirs deep feelings in every single person. It is played at wedding events to emphasize happiness, in horror and war movies to express fear.

For many individuals, music is a very strong subject and a passionate endeavor. During the Greek times, it was used for healing, communication, enjoyment and for relaxation. Even before you were born, you are already aware of your mother’s heartbeat and during childhood you become relaxed by the tune of the lullaby. Everyday everyone hears different forms of musical rhythm or pitch. Music is also found in nature like birds chirping, the splashing of the waves, the swaying of the leaves and more.

Self-esteem, communication, calmer attitudes, working in groups, creative thinking, discipline, imagination and study skills are discovered and improved by studying music and by knowing the truth that children are very receptive to rhythm and pitch. Music is actually one of the best ways for children to learn how to communicate. Music is very important to all children.

Several studies and researches have been performed on the true effect of music to children. Scientists stated that those children who know how to play musical instrument and those who are exposed to music are more active in school compared to those who do not. The latest studies suggests that exposure to music will benefit the children’s IQ, reading age and the development of their brain.

It is also shown in the studies that a child’s intelligence is enhanced through music instruction. It helps the children to visualize and create solutions. It also helps them to solve different problems productively and it is also important on their math subjects and other important tasks.

Just imagine the great importance of music to your children’s lives. It is better than letting them play outside of your homes and perform silly things. Through music, they can easily express what they need and what they wanted to say. Some kids when they get bored, they listen to their favourite music. For them it is a form of lightening up their spirits and letting go of the idle aspects.

It is no wonder why music is considered as a major subject in some schools. Despite of being an art, music can be considered as a good hobby – a healthy hobby actually. However, because of the destructive types of music that are out today, it is important that as parents you help assist in choosing the type of music your children should listen to.

Below is the list of top four lasting children’s music which you can include to your children’s music directory:

• Disney Music

Actually, Disney began with films and rapidly expanded to soundtracks. Now, it already has Disney channel, Radio Disney and Buena Vista Records. They have all the types of music suitable for your children.

• Hap Palmer (Baby Songs)

Most preschool and primary school teachers teach their pupils about the music of Hap Palmer. Examples are the series of Baby songs.

• 25 Years and Counting

This is one of the movement songs of Raffi.

• Sesame Street Music

This has been a perfect match in your children’s education and enjoyment. Some parents might have experienced the “Sesame Street years” and it is just wonderful that they pass it along to their child as well.

It is very important to be careful in choosing the type of music for your children. Children usually adapt what they hear. It would only be great if they adapt the music that is pleasing to the ears.

Christine Gray is a recognized authority on the subject of parenting. Her website Parenting Exposed provides a wealth of informative articles and resources on everything you will need to know about children music. All rights reserved. Articles may be reprinted as long as the content and links remains intact and unchanged.


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