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Birthday Games - Plan and Adapt Exciting Games


Most kids usually have two things on their minds, food and play. What could be the most exciting celebration for them with those two things present? What else? Birthday parties! Especially if the birthday party being celebrated is their own.

Many kids look forward to their birthdays dreaming about all the games, food, party favors and the good time they will have with their guests, but for some parents this is a nightmare.

Parents should never worry about choosing the games for their kid’s birthday party. Here are some great tips and reminders you can use to prepare for your child’s birthday:

- Remember that the games should match the birthday theme. Ask your kid what games he prefers to play with other kids during the party. The venue should also be considered so parents should prepare both indoor and outdoor games in case rain.

- Always be flexible. As hosts of the party, you should be observant if a certain game is boring and not working with the children. If this occurs, you must forget it and proceed to the next game or activity.

- Prepare the games and its set up. Before the party begins, be sure that you understand the mechanics of the games.

- Always remember that every participant is a winner. Prizes should be given to everyone. Some children would not easily accept defeat so you might hurt their feelings. If ever, not all games have prizes, ensure that everybody gets their treats such as candies, stickers or goody bags at the end of the party.

Balloons are one of the kid’s favourites. They are attracted to their colour and design variations and the mystery of why they float in the air. Parents can adapt games using balloons. Kids will surely love those kind of games.

Catch the Balloon is an indoor game using two or four balloons.

Mechanics of the game:

1. Form the children into a circle and count them off. The kid with the highest number shall be given a balloon. She shall stand at the center acting as “it”.

2. The “It” will call a particular number while he drops the balloon. The number that has been called out should catch the balloon before it touches the floor. “It” will call out another number if the previous number has successfully caught the balloon. The unsuccessful player will become the “it”.

Buzz-Bomb Balloon is an indoor game. In this game, each player shall be given a balloon. Other equipment needed is a string or tape for making the target.

Mechanics of the game:

1. Arrange the kids either in a circle or a line formation. The game will begin when an adult helper counts from one to three and shouts the word GO. To make the game more exciting, get a picture from the theme or decoration of the party to be the main target.

2. The players should inflate their balloon upon hearing the word GO releasing it to the direction of the main target. If the players directly hit the target, he gets 10 points. Closest balloon to the target gets 5 points. This is more fun when played with teams.

Back-to-Back Balloon Pop is an indoor game needing a lot of balloon supplies depending on the amount of players.

Mechanics of the game:

1. Choose two players as pairs. Arrange each pair in a line or a circle formation. Each pair should stand back to back holding a balloon in between them.

2. When they hear the leader’s signal, each pair should press the balloons hard on their backs to make it pop. The first pair to pop their balloon wins.

Birthday games are the best reasons for children attending birthday parties. Kids learn values such as cooperation, fair competition, camaraderie and sportsmanship, plus, they are FUN!

Christine Gray is a recognized authority on the subject of parenting. Her website Parenting Exposed provides a wealth of informative articles and resources on everything you will need to know about children party. All rights reserved. Articles may be reprinted as long as the content and links remains intact and unchanged.


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